All-in-one raised floor made of calcium sulfate

High load-bearing characteristics (up to 10 tons), non-combustibility and thread-like joints allow the use of an integral raised floor both in apartments and at airports. An all-in-one raised floor is an excellent alternative to a screed, it has a low weight of the structure, a flat surface. Quick installation allows you to optimize the costs of installing the floor and organizing engineering systems in the building.

Areas of application

  • Theatres, hotels and restaurants
  • Airports and railway stations
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Industrial and educational premises
  • Exhibition and conference halls


Tongue-and-groove calcium sulfate


600 x 600 mm (other measurements on request)

Finish covering

• Carpet • Linoleum • Parquet • Antistatic or conductive PVC • Decorative PVC tiles • Natural veneer

• Non-flammable and environmentally friendly material

•Smooth and seamless surface

•Resistant to dynamic loads

•High bearing characteristics

•Smoke-tight•High sound insulation performance