Waterproofing can rightfully be considered the guarantee of a building’s longevity and an integral part of competent construction. Waterproofing safeguards your structure from water damage, both internally and externally, caused by precipitation, groundwater, and long-term exposure. It is a crucial aspect of building maintenance that ensures the protection and preservation of your building for years to come. Regardless of the type of building you have, waterproofing is an essential part of responsible construction.

Mav-Shin LLC provides complex construction works, including thermal insulation and waterproofing. We implement waterproofing of

  • concrete structures
  • flat roofs
  • sloping roofs
  • drinking water storage facilities
  • bridges
  • foundations

and other structures.

At Mav-Shin LLC, we are committed to providing the best waterproofing solution for each building. We carefully consider the type of building and all potential internal and external negative factors to ensure the most suitable waterproofing option is selected. Our waterproofing services are executed to meet international standards and we only use top-quality insulating materials to guarantee the effectiveness of the waterproofing system.

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LLC “MAV-SHIN” implements long-term professional projects for its regular partners, and also fulfills the construction wishes of individual customers, creating innovative and interesting works.

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